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--- 19 ---
A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer's morn --
A flask of Dew -- A Bee or two --
A Breeze -- a caper in the trees --
And I'm a Rose!

a breeze ---> and i'm a rose!

a common meditation instruction for beginners is 'contemplate something until you become it'; in english, that means contemplate something until your spirit groks the spirit of the thing.. i'm starting to notice that when emily says 'breeze' she is referring to the movements of the spirit.

The doctrine of signatures is a philosophy spread by the writings of Jakob Böhme in his book 'The signature of all things' The short story is, that everything on the earth has a spirit pattern/template behind it. I think one of the scriptures behind this is the instruction Moses got for building the tabernacle in the wilderness.. The Lord told Moses to use the pattern of the temple was in heaven... here's more evidence from scripture. isiah 11:2 tells us that there are seven spirits before the throne on the Lord... three of those spirits are wisdom, knowledge, and understanding... so your understanding of something depends entirely on your spirit of understanding lent to you by the Lord.. some people more and some people less.