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The Guest is gold and crimson --
An Opal guest and gray --
Of Ermine is his doublet --
His Capuchin gay --

He reaches town at nightfall --
He stops at every door --
Who looks for him at morning
I pray him too -- explore

Baffled for just a day or two --
Embarrassed -- not afraid --
Encounter in my garden
An unexpected Maid.

She beckons, and the woods start --
She nods, and all begin --
Surely, such a country
I was never in!

there are 34 references to angels in her poetry and i think emily may have been on familiar terms with angels. the precedent for this is the story of elija and elisha sitting on a hill, watching two armies prepare to battle in the valley. when elijah opened elisha's eyes, elisha could see angels of the lord crowding every hill and looking on.