The Unknown
Search Engines are businesses. As such, they are always looking for ways they can make more money. So, they offer advertising to businesses who pay. But that is not SEO! In addition, we cannot control what their parameters are, and they are ever-changing. So, the SEO strategies that we develop are content and visitor engagement driven.

The Known
We understand that some of the biggest factors affecting a search engine ranking are Popularity, Content and Customer Engagement. Therefore, we develop a strategy that considers these fairly static parameters and grow your online footprint over time.

Strategic Growth
As we mentioned in our Website Design page, we are firm believers in the strategic growth of your online footprint. But this footprint has to make sense to the website visitor as well. So we work hard to create powerful and engaging content that keeps readers interested, in the form of helpful videos, blogs, informative galleries and so on. As we go through the years working together, you will end up with a functional website that will take a lot of effort to defeat in search engine rankings.

Keywords & Descriptions
Some search engines have already stopped using the keywords meta tag, others have not. So, in either way, the key is to create a good balance, identify where most high quality customers are coming from and create a strategy that will yield the most for you.

Directories & Backlinks
While we do put a back-link in our website routing to your website, we do not sell back-links to our customers. However, we can help you get listed in Legitimate Business Directories that people actually use.